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Spine exercises

In Anatoliy Gonta Center rehabilitation and prevention of spinal diseases for adults and children are carried out. Exercises are performed with the help of a special trainer - Preventor Yevminov, which strengthens the spine, ensuring your health and attractive appearance.

During special exercises at the Preventor, we do metered spine stretching, unloading intervertebral, vertebral discs. nerve endings, reduce the tone of spasmodic muscles, while training short back muscles. As a result, the intervertebral disc receives active saturation of the nutrients, the metabolic processes are normalized. During the training period, the muscles around the spine become able to take on some of the load that goes to the discs, so their recovery is very intense.

Evminov board

Classes according to this method on the Evminov board is a system of prevention of diseases of the spine, which:

  1. Eliminates the cause of spine disease, and also allows you to permanently get rid of back, neck, and back pain.
  2. Restores all functions of the spine.
  3. Prevents development of pathological processes in the spine.
  4. It is the only treatment for multiple herniated discs.
  5. Used as necessary therapy after surgery on the spine.
  6. Restores and preserves human growth throughout life.
  7. Increases growth by 10-15 cm when practicing a special growth enhancement program (during open growth zones).
  8. Easy to execute and effective in build
  9. Applies at home, is beneficial to the whole family.

Regular 15-45 minute spine exercises help eliminate any signs of post-stroke and scoliosis in children , osteochondrosis, and related radiculitis, disc herniation, spondyloarthrosis, etc. in adults. Help your body retain its youth and avoid a lot of diseases that provoke spine problems, and behind them internal organ problems.

Anatoliy Gonta Center DOES NOT SELL Yevminov Preventers!

At the Anatoliy Gonta Center in Khmelnytskyi, certified instructors will provide individual study of the methodology and practical assimilation of proper exercise.

Evminov board

We also offer children and adults to engage directly in our center with the constant supervision of the instructor. This eliminates the problem of controlling the parents of their children in matters of proper and regular performance of special exercises.

Glisson loop

Glisson loop

The Glisson loop allows you to smoothly, dose and unilaterally stretch and relax the cervical spine. The Glisson loop itself is a suspension made of high quality material that is worn on the head and chin. It is very relevant for people who have a cervical hernia, have a sedentary lifestyle, or who have work closely associated with sitting at a computer. It can also be used by healthy people as a prevention of osteochondrosis by stretching the cervical spine. Give health to your neck!

Childhood without scoliosis. Help your baby grow healthy!

A modern student spends a lot of time at his desk, in front of a computer or TV, carrying a heavy textbook backpack. Therefore, 90% of school-age children are diagnosed with posture distortion.

Parents need to take precautions if the child is slouching, putting one or both feet under one seat, holding one shoulder above the other, holding the shoulder, complaining. headache, increased fatigue, is overweight.

Scoliosis changes the shape of the chest, disrupting lung and heart function, causing a large number of comorbidities.

Specialists of Khmelnytskyi Anatoliy Gonta Center will help your child maintain a healthy back and develop proper posture. Children can exercise not only in gymnastics, but also use it for sports, developing muscle strength, flexibility, and self-confidence.

Increasing the effectiveness of preventative exercises can be combined with massage courses. , which are also conducted by our center's specialists.

Give your child the opportunity to do interesting exercises during the break between lessons or other "sitting" classes. By the way, classes on the preventative are fun for children, especially if they are played in a playful way.

Evminov board

Give your child the opportunity to enter adulthood with a harmonious and beautiful, and most importantly, a healthy person, because at this age is laid the basics and skills of proper healthy behavior of the child!
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