Anatoliy Gonta Center

Currently, the Anatoliy Gonta Center in Khmelnytskyi, Podilska Street, 93 is a specialized center for spine disease prevention and rehabilitation.

Our priority areas of activity are special classes with the use of exercises based on the Chinese Qigong system and modern rehabilitation technologies, massages, phytosauna and stone therapy.

We value and justify the trust of our clients, which is why our work is based on exceptional patient attention and professionalism.

The philosophy of our center is the harmony of body and soul. We pay special attention to the art of relaxation and comfort. Here every customer feels at ease, because everything happens exclusively for him. Working on the interior of our institution, we sought to create a comfortable atmosphere that helps to obtain the maximum pleasure from the procedures.

If you care for your health, if you want to look young and attractive, the doors of our center are always open for you.

Anatoliy Gonta Center does not sell Yevminov boards!