Exercises on Evminov board

Type of exercise Duration Price
On board for adult 60 minutes 120 UAH
На Board for children 60 minutes 120 UAH
On the simulator for the feet 10 minutes 60 UAH
Glisson loop 15 minutes 60 UAH

Our center DOES NOT SELL Yevminov boards!


Type of massage Duration Price
Back massage along the spine 30 minutes 330 UAH
Neck and shoulders massage 20 minutes 250 UAH
Lower back massage 20 minutes 250 UAH
Classic full body massage 60 minutes 600 UAH
Arm massage 20 minutes 250 UAH
Legs massage 20 minutes 280 UAH
Sports massage 30 minutes 330 UAH

* Massage oil and disposable sheet included.

Cedar barrel

Session of cedar barrel 40 minutes 250 UAH

* The session includes a phytosauna, essential oils and a meal with natural herbal tea.

Stone therapy

Session of stone therapy 60 minutes 500 UAH

Gift certificate  Gift certificate

Do you want to make an original gift to your family, relatives, friends, work colleagues and take care of their health? Then an Anatoliy Gonta Certificate will be the best gift!

Gift certificate

Certificate activation rules:

  1. The gift certificate is a confirmation of payment and gives the owner the right to use the services at the Khmelnytskyi "Anatoliy Gonta Center" in Podilska Street, 93.
  2. Booking time for the gift certificate procedures is by appointment.
  3. The gift certificate is used at the address of purchase.
  4. If for some reason you are unable to visit the salon at the appointed time, please inform the salon administrator at least 24 hours a day.
  5. The gift certificate is non-refundable and non-refundable.
  6. Center services are provided subject to presentation of a certificate.