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Stone therapy

Stone therapy

Stone therapy or body warming with basalt stones has been used for therapeutic purposes since ancient times. The procedure uses special massage techniques and techniques using hot and cold stones. Due to deep relaxation, the procedure affects the well-being of the person both at the physical and emotional level: improving the state of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, eliminating depression, insomnia, fatigue, improving metabolism.

Stone therapy received its the name from the English word stone is "stone." This is a massage using smooth stones. Stone therapy uses perfectly smooth, most flattened, volcanic stones. They have the ability to retain heat for a long time, and in addition contain magnesium, iron and a large amount of useful trace elements.

Stone therapy

The secret of stone therapy is simple: it reduces the impact of neurotic factors of modern life, reduces muscle tension, increases the overall tone of the body and eliminates toxins, significantly improves skin (it becomes incredibly smooth and supple), helps to arrange fat deposits faster.

Massage with hot basalt stones promotes relaxation of the muscles, brings a sense of physical calm and balance. It often alternates with the use of cold marble stones. The former activate the metabolic processes, immunity, and the latter improve the circulatory system and promote oxygen saturation.

Stone therapy session is a great lifeline and provides confidence. With each visit, the person is discovering new facets of pleasure and waiting for the next one eagerly. We invite you to visit an unforgettable stone therapy session at Khmelnytskyi Anatoliy Gonta Center in Podilska Street, 93.
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